Training and Behaviour

Training and Behaviour 1-2-1 Session

This is for targeting specific behaviours you may be experiencing with your dog such as jumping up, door dashing, recall issues, lead reactivity or unwanted barking to name a few. Alternatively the session could cover training basic manners around the home and out and about, such as go to bed, leave it, stay and loose lead walking. 

About the session

  • For dogs of any age and stage
  • A session lasts around 2 hours
  • I will assess your dog’s behaviour and create a training and or behaviour modification plan
  • I will demonstrate the training and teach you how to put it into place

After the session

You will then receive a written report covering the session which will include your training and behaviour management plan. If you would like any further advice via email or phone to ensure you are getting the results or if you are experiencing teething issues then I can be of further assistance. I can also offer an in person follow up session if required if you feel like you need some further ongoing support with your training.


Please contact me directly for a quote. Prices start from from £80 for a two hour session.